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Applying for and payment of your old-age pension  

1. First estimate the amount of your old-age pension and check your retirement age on our online service

You will also see how the pension amount increases if you continue to work. Also, check that your employment history in the private sector is registered correctly.

Log on to our Loki online service (available only in Finnish)with

  • your online banking password or
  • chip card

All Loki service functions are SSL encrypted and secure to use.

If you have been employed in the public sector, check these pensions at
Local Government Pension Institution or State Treasury

2. Agree on the end of your employment relationship employment contract

When you know when you wish to retire, agree on the end of your employment contract with your employer. Your old-age pension can start from the beginning of the month following the end of your employment contract. If you have already stopped gainful employment, old-age pension can generally be awarded retroactively for a maximum of three months.

3. Apply for your old-age pension about 1 months before retirement begins

Apply for your old-age pension

  • electronically (available only in Finnish) (your application will be directed automatically to the correct place) by going to the pension application service, or 
  • on a form using the instructions to help you. (available only in Finnsih)

If you know that your authorised pension provider is the Seafarer’s Pension Fund, send your written application to

The Seafarer’s Pension Fund
PO Box 327
00121 Helsinki

Once we have received your application, we shall request salary information from your employer.

The Seafarer’s Pension Fund will process your pension application if your last gainful employment is insured with us. Once we have received your application, we will ask your employer for details concerning your final salary information in order to issue the decision on your pension.

If you have worked in municipal or state employment in addition to the private sector, we will send you a decision that combines the pensions in accordance with all these systems. The Seafarer’s Pension Fund will also pay your entire earnings-based pension.

Payment of pension

The Seafarer’s Pension Fund pays the pension on the last banking day of the month.
You can go to work if you receive an old-age pension, and your earnings will not affect the payment of your pension. New pension accrues from earnings at an annual rate of 1.6 per cent. Thus, the earned new old-age pension will be added to your previous old-age pension at the age of 68.