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The Seafarers' Pension Fund in figures

​The seafarers' pension scheme presented in figures. The figures are for year 2018.

Insured seafarers7350​​
​Person/work-year performed5240
​Salaries received​261 million euro
​Personal MEL-payments​17.9 million euro
Seafarers receiving pension​8219
​Pensions received​158.1 million euro
​Average pension per recipient​1.760 euro/month
​Average retirement age​59 years 3 months
Seafarers' pension Fund activities
​New pensions awarded​830
​Applications rejected96​
​Vocational rehabilitation awarded​158
​Pension Fund staff​​24
Financial standing
​Income from insurance contributions​52.2 million euro
​Investment income​52.1 million euro
​Pensions and benefits

​158.1 million euro

​State contribution of pension expenditure​-58.4 million euro
​Total operating expenses​6.6 million euro
​Investments, market value​1105.0 million euro
​Solvency capital​2.78
​Solvency ratio​​163,4 %


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