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Trade organisations play a role in administration

​The Pension Fund’s highest decision-making body is its 13-member Delegation that meets at least once a year. It approves the financial statements and elects the auditors. The Delegation comprises representatives of the State authority, shipping companies and seafarer employee organisations.

The Board of the Seafarer’s Pension Fund decides on asset investments, issues statements and initiates matters concerning seafarers’ pension provision. It is also responsible for the administration of the Pension Fund and for ensuring the appropriate arrangement of its activities.

State representatives serve as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, and the Board’s members comprise shipping companies as well as employee organisations.

The officer unions take turns having membership, presence or speaking rights.

The Managing Director guides the operations of the Finnish Seafarers' Pension Fund according to the board's rules and instructions. The Managing Director is appointed by the board.  

The Managing Director of the Finnish Seafarers’ Pension Fund is Kari Välimäki.

The Managing Director is assisted by the management team, which consists of line managers and the chief legal counsel. The Managing Director acts as the chairman of the management group.

The activities of the Seafarer’s Pension Fund are monitored by

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and

Financial Supervisory Authority.

Electronic services


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