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Pension payments abroad

The Finnish Seafarer's Pension (MEL pension) and other employee pension is paid to pensioners living abroad regardless of the country of residence and citizenship.


If you are living abroad, we will pay your MEL pension to your Finnish or foreign bank account. Pensions paid to foreign accounts are transferred through a Finnish bank. The pension is always delivered abroad in euro. The bank may reduce their expenses from the pension.

Remember to send us your account number in the IBAN format and the BIC code of the bank.


If you live abroad, you cannot personally order a tax deduction card for your Finnish pension; we will do it for you.

The citizenship of the pensioner and the permanent or temporary nature of the move are among the things that affect the taxation of the pension. A potential tax agreement between Finland and the country of residence may also affect the taxation.

For more information on the taxation of pension paid abroad, visit the website of the Finnish Tax Administration.

Housing notification, i.e. so-called proof of living

If you are living abroad and receiving MEL pension from us, we will ask you for an annual housing notification. It is a prerequisite for continuing your pension payments.

In January of each year, we will send the housing notification form for you to fill in and sign. Return the completed form to us by the end of March at the latest. You you do not return the form, we will discontinue your pension payments as of 1 April.

The pension payments will continue when we receive the correctly filled form. 

Electronic services


Loki online service (available in Finnish and Swedish)