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Years-of-service pension as of 1 January 2017

​As of 1st January 2017, the provisions of the years-of-service pension have been introduced to the Seafarer’s Pension Act and other earnings-related pension acts.

Years-of-service pension cannot be granted earlier than 1 February 2017.

An employee has the right to years-of-service pension at the age of 63, if:

  • the person has had a working life of at least 38 years for which earnings-related pension insurance has been taken out and which has entailed, with minor exceptions, strenuous and wearing work.
  • the person's working capacity has deteriorated due to sickness, impediment or disability but does not fulfil the requirements of full disability pension;
  • the person's possibility to continue working has, due to reasons stated in part 1 and 2, permanently deteriorated; and 
  • when the age limit is fulfilled or after the pension application has been submitted and the strenuous and wearing work stated in part 1 continues or the employment has ended one year ago at the most.

The amount of years-of-service pension is the accrued pension on the month before the years-of-service pension is granted. 

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