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General or earned retirement age?

​You can retire at the age of 63–68, depending on your choice, regardless of the duration of your employment at sea. A flexible retirement age of 63–68 is the general retirement age. 

If you have been employed in a position insured in accordance with the Seafarer's Pensions Act long enough to earn the right to a retirement age lower than the general retirement age, you can check your retirement age in the Loki online service.

Log in to the Loki service with your online banking credentials or an electronic ID card. 

The lowest possible retirement age of officers is 60, and that of the crew is 55.

Receiving pension at the earned retirement age requires that

  • you have performed a certain amount of service at sea
  • you are serving at sea while meeting the earned retirement age
  • you have been employed or have otherwise accrued at least 18 months of pensionable time during the previous three years. 

    Due to the reform of the Seafarer's Pensions Act entering into force in 2016, the chance to earn a lowered retirement age will be removed after a transition period. The transition period will end at the end of 2024. A lowered retirement age can be earned until that time.

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