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Manage employer’s responsibilities in Ankkuri online service

The Seafarer's Pension Fund provides MEL employers the online service Ankkuri where the employers can easily make announcements concerning MEL pension insurance. The languages used in Ankkuri service include Finnish and Swedish.

Via Ankkuri, the employer can communicate employees' salaries and paydays and make necessary corrections as well as monthly vessel specifications.  In Ankkuri, the employer can also print reference bank giro forms for insurance payments. Furthermore, the employer can control the correspondence of paid insurance contributions and announced salary information.

Ankkuri can be used 24 hours a day. The technical support serves at office hours on weekdays.

Use of Ankkuri is free of charge for the employer. The employer and the Seafarer's Pension Fund make an agreement on the use of service after which the employer gets a user name and password to the service.

Further information on the Ankkuri online service is provided by the Seafarer's Pension Fund, tel. 010 633 9955 or e-mail Vakuutusmaksut@merimieselakekassa.fi

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