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Risk assessment is a basic tool

​Risk assessment made as a group at the workplace is nowadays the basic tool of occupational health and safety also in seafaring.    

In the workplace risk assessment, the hazards that the employees are exposed to at their work are identified and the risks related to them are assessed. A hazard may be an abrupt situation or a long-term exposure.  For example, exposure to noise and its causes to the employee's hearing is assessed.

The risk assessment must cover all the jobs and risks. All the staff must be included in the scope of the risk assessment.  The assessment is made in the cooperation with the staff. The extent, significance and level of importance of the risk are determined together. This helps in focusing and timing the improvements. 

Good risk assessment

The risk assessment must meet the following qualitative criteria. It is:

  • organized by the employer;
  • made in cooperation with the staff;
  • utilising available experts;
  • extensive;
  • truthful;
  • consistent;
  • systematic;
  • analytic;
  • evaluative.

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