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Rehabilitation is worthwhile


​If the employee's ability to work is in danger, vocational rehabilitation can be arranged for him. Its objective is that the employee can continue working. Receiving a disability pension is only a secondary option. Possibilities for rehabilitation are examined always before granting a disability pension.

Naturally, it is beneficial for an employee to be able to carry on at work.  The salary is higher than pension and working accumulates the future amount of pension until up to 68 years of age.

It is also beneficial for the employer to prevent disability to work.  In 2017, a reimbursement will be added to the pension contribution of larger MEL employers for disability pensions granted to the staff of the employer. The reimbursement does not apply to rehabilitation subsidy, rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation increase.

The Seafarer's Pension Fund can arrange vocational rehabilitation for an employee if

  • the employee is under 63 years of age;
  • the employee has a properly found illness, defect or disability which is likely to cause a risk of becoming disable to work in the way stated in the Seafarer's Pensions Act;
  • the employee has had earnings of minimum 34,490.56 euros in total during the last five years (at grade of 2018);
  •  the employee's employment is fixed and he has accumulated a reasonable amount of employment pension;
  • the risk of disability to work can be postponed or prevented with the help of appropriate vocational rehabilitation;
  • the employee has no right to rehabilitation according to Motor Insurance Act or Industrial Accidents Act.

    Rehabilitation can be work trial, job coaching, re-training or business subsidy. The employer of the person in rehabilitation can be involved in organising a work trial or job coaching.

    The Seafarer's Pension Fund and other pension funds arrange vocational rehabilitation for their insured clients. Medical rehabilitation is arranged by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela). Kela also arranges vocational rehabilitation, especially for persons outside the labour force, young persons and persons with limited capacity to work.

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