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Subsistence during the rehabilitation

​If you are granted rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension system, you receive either a rehabilitation allowance or increased rehabilitation allowance.

Rehabilitation allowance

The amount of the rehabilitation allowance is equal to the amount of disability pension increased by 33%. It is paid during the active rehabilitation.

Working during the rehabilitation

If you work during your rehabilitation programme and you earn over half of the amount of customary earnings which would be used to calculate your disability pension, you will be granted a partial rehabilitation allowance. It is 50% of the full rehabilitation allowance. If your employer pays you a salary during the rehabilitation programme, the allowance is paid to your employer for the part that equals the salary.  If your salary is lower than the rehabilitation allowance, the remainder is paid to you.

An increase included in the rehabilitation allowance

If you have already been granted a fixed-term disability pension i.e. the rehabilitation allowance, you will receive an increase of 33% included in it for the period of the active rehabilitation.

Discretionary rehabilitation assistance for the waiting period

If you are waiting for the start of the rehabilitation programme and you do not have any other subsistence, you may be granted a rehabilitation assistance. It is discretionary and equal to the amount that your disability pension would be without the rehabilitation increase.

Costs due to rehabilitation

Inevitable studying, traveling or other expenses due to the rehabilitation are separately compensated. 

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