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What is employment pension rehabilitation?

​Employment pension rehabilitation is vocational rehabilitation. It is always designed individually from the needs of the person to be rehabilitated.

Normally, the possibility to continue at former work after new work arrangements or in new job duties at own work place is sorted out first. A work trial or job coaching can be used for this purpose.

If the arrangements at work place are not sufficient, vocational training may be a solution.  The new profession must be suitable for the illness and support employment after the training. Education can be courses, apprenticeship, vocational training or even higher education level of studies depending on the situation of the person in rehabilitation. Principally, the objective is not, however, to raise the level of education but to acquire a new profession which is at the same level of education as the former profession.

The person in rehabilitation can also get a business subsidy to establish an own enterprise or to exercise a profession.
The business subsidy is a low-interest loan or allowance. There must be realistic prerequisites to entrepreneurship and the person in rehabilitation must be able to earn his living by it in order to receive the business subsidy.

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