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Well-being at work concerns us all

​Well-being at work represents things that support coping with work both physically and mentally. Well-being at work is defined e.g. that the work is worthwhile and smooth and done in safe, health-promoting and carrier-supporting working environment and community. Well-being at work concerns all the parties at workplace.

Seafarer's well-being

The cornerstone of seafarer's work and well-being is seaworthiness which is examined every second year in the seaman's medical examination.

A ship is a demanding working environment where you often must work in difficult conditions.
Workspaces are situated in different levels and there are a lot of passages and stairs. The noise level is high especially in engine rooms. You must manage your duties regardless of weather conditions. In northern sea areas it is cold and windy in winter, whereas in tropical sea areas the temperature may be very high.

The development of technology and automation has decreased hard physical work but the seafarer must survive also in emergency situations.

On a ship, work and leisure time is spent in the same premises. Long separation from family, relatives and friends is also a stress factor. The significance of working environment for mental health is essential. A sign of mental well-being is contentment with life and work; that most of the time you feel well.

Mutual benefit

 Successful promotion of well-being at work requires seamless cooperation between the shipping company, seafarers, labour protection and occupational health care, in which everyone has their own responsibility and role. Goals are agreed on together in order to achieve them.

Healthy staff feels well at work and brings success and results to the employer. At the same time, absences from work are reduced and pressure to premature retirement is decreased.

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