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Support for well-being at work


Occupational health care and statutory seafarers' health centres take care of the seafarer's health. In addition to these, there are service providers that have long traditions of promoting seafarers' well-being.

Finnish Seamen's Service (FSS)

The function of the Finnish Seamen's Service (FSS) is to take care that seafarers could benefit social services as equally as possible. It organizes possibilities to meaningful recreational activities and sports.

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The project ForMare helps in lifestyle change.

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The Finnish Seamen's Mission

The Finnish Seamen's Mission is a church and a social and cultural meeting place abroad. It has e.g. ship curator activities. The Finnish Seamen's Mission has premises in Northern Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Great-Britain and Greece.   

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Research findings

In order to promote well-being at work, we need research.

Stay On Board

The seafarers' well-being at work have been studied e.g. in the project Stay on Board by Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences. The research findings showed that factors affecting positively well-being at work include functional work community and alternation of work and free time.

Challenging factors for well-being include ailments of musculoskeletal system, overweight, recovery from physical work and rush.

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In the SeaFit study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the seafarers' physical capacity and strain at work were measured and evaluated with accurate and diverse methods. The research findings can be utilised in the management of physical strain factors related to the seafaring work.

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Electronic services


Loki online service (available in Finnish and Swedish)